If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then Krav Maga Self-Defense is DEFINITELY for you!

The violence occurring on the streets of our cities today is no joke! Random acts of violence happen in a blink of the eye and by the time most people's minds are actually registering the event, the attackers have fled with your purse, your wallet, your vehicle, your sense of security and your self-esteme. So, what is one to do? Walk around armed to the teeth, packing a gun or a big knife? Not too practical in big cities like New York, Chicago, Wash., DC, etc. A good solution would be to learn an effective and modern self-defense system!

The next thing is to decide which one of the hundreds of martial arts and self-defense systems would be the best for you. Just take a look in the newspaper and the yellow pages and you'll find places teaching judo, various types of karate, various kinds of aikido, hundreds of kung-fu styles, boxing, Thai boxing, kali, penjak-silat, eskrima, savate, capoeira...even sumo wrestling! So, how is one to decide which martial arts class to enroll in?

Over the years, I've personally been involved in studying various different styles of martial arts such as White Crane and Seven-Star Praying Mantis kung-fu, judo, boxing, Tomiki Aikido, Tai Chi, Burmese Karate (Bando), and Capoeira Regional, to name just a few... What I found was that most of these systems emphasize the "art" aspect much more than the "martial" aspect! They sure look pretty and some even impart an "inner sense of peace and well-being". But, none of these were ever designed for dealing with today's modern urban reality, as is the case with Krav Maga!

Krav Maga is a style dealing with self-defense and hand to hand combat. The system was developed originally by a Hungarian man named Imrich (Imi) Lichtenfeld, who began to design the style during the late 1940's. From around 1948, Imi became the head instructor in the Israeli I.D.F.'s unit for physical fitness, during which time he developed and refined his unique method for self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. Today, besides being the official self-defense style of the army and special forces of Israel, many military and police forces around the world are also adopting the style of Krav Maga!

Krav Maga is primarily concerned with what works effectively, be this in the field of battle or on the streets of your neighborhood!

It's a system that is aggressive and to the point! A krav Maga practitioner learns how to correctly sense impending personal danger and therefore take the initiative, securing the "upper hand" in the confrontation or avoiding the situation altogether. The techniques that one learns are not for "sparring" on the street! All techniques are designed and drilled so that you may get yourself out of a life-threatening situation in a matter of seconds! The distinctive feature of this style is its simplicity, effectiveness, and adaptability. As such, from day 1, everything that you learn and practice in a class can immediately be applied to your benefit on the street!

In this modern system of Krav Maga, besides exhaustively drilling submission techniques where our training partner / "opponent" must "tap out" when the lock is set, as we advance in experience and level rank, we also incorporate contact sparring in every training session. This reality factor, performed with protective equipment (headgear, boxing gloves, groin cup, shin guards, etc.), provides fundamental knowledge in reaction time, distance judgement, and the notion of what it feels like to deliver a good solid punch or kick... and to take one, too! Most martial arts regulated by sport or competition rules do not have this aspect in their training. Consequently, many black-belt-ranked individuals in these systems have never taken a solid heavy hit on the face, and when they do(in a real street confrontation), all of their "black-belt knowledge" flies right out the window! Our "full-contact" training is carefully supervised and controlled, however, so as to avoid any and all type of serious injury during training! (Are you liable to get stung or bruised while training with me? Maybe...but our training will never deteriorate into viciousness! Remember, this is Modern Reality Self-Defense Traning...it's not ballet!)

Besides being a martial arts instructor, I'm also a professional musician and, as such, I travel the world constantly with one band or another. So, besides knowing what it's like to walk the streets of my own city of New York, I'm regularly in cities like Rome, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Tokio, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Oslo, São Paolo, Tel Aviv, etc. And, you know what? Stuff happens! And, over the years, I've had to defend myself from random attacks by strangers and my Krav Maga training has afforded me superiority over every single situation!

Please feel free to contact me concerning further information about private or group training in Krav Maga. Ultimately, this is an investment, mostly in time, which may one day save your life or the life of your loved ones!

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Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Mr. Colón teaches classes for students of all levels and ages, specializing in middle-age and senior citizens, as well as privately. He has been a certified Instructor since July 1998, certified by both the Wingate Institute of Israel, Krav Maga Haim Zut, and the Krav Maga Federation of America. Frank Colón currently holds the rank of Black Belt Dan 2, received from Haim Zut, (Un-disputed World Dan 10 Grandmaster!) President of Krav Maga International in Israel. Mr. Colón teaches privately, and currently holds certification in American Red Cross First Aid and Adult CPR.

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